Flair shot mirror

8 290 Ft
4 150 Ft
Nettó ár: 3 270 Ft
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Flair espresso
Teljes értékelés: 2 (40%)

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Gyártó: Flair espresso

The Flair Shot Mirror is the perfect tool to use to ensure you’ve got front row seats to your espresso extraction. Lower the lever and watch the magic happen with ease. This Shot Mirror will provide immediate feedback on your pull to help identify channeling or tiger striping, and will help you understand how you can better dial-in your shot.

Once you’ve got your shot where you want it, there’s no greater satisfaction than watching the stream of a perfectly pulled extraction. It’s pure meditation.

This Shot Mirror features an illuminated LED for better lighting, 3x magnification, as well as a 360 degree swivel to ensure no matter where you are, you’ve got a great view of your bottomless portafilter. The Shot Mirror also fits inside the oval of any Flair base, from the NEO to the Flair 58.

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