Flow-Control 2 Portafilter

  • Flow-Control 2 Portafilter
6 990 Ft
Nettó ár: 5 505 Ft
szállítás 21.5. (szállítási lehetőségek)

6 990 Ft
Nettó ár: 5 505 Ft
Flair espresso
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Gyártó: Flair espresso

The Flow-Control Spout Kit contains three (3) removable and replaceable spouts that will fit inside your Flow-Control 2 Portafilter. These spouts are meant to replace those that may have been lost, damaged or clogged after many shots pulled on your NEO.

*Only compatible with the NEO Flow-Control 2 Portafilter. Any Flow-Control Portafilter, or NEO, purchased before March of 2021 will not be compatible and must first be upgraded to the Flow-Control 2 Portafilter.

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